Custom Made Guitars

About Us

Blouin Guitars creates custom made, one-of-a-kind guitar designs. Our custom guitars can be shipping across North America.

Hand Made Guitars Ottawa

John Blouin pursued his interest in guitars with his first guitar lesson. He quickly decided he didn’t want to play and wanted to build guitars instead. His goal was to create custom guitars different than the norm.


To make this possible, John took a wood working course at college and almost lost all four of my fingers in a table saw! After recovery, he built his first custom guitar in 1994. Through word of mouth promotion, John began creating custom guitars for friends.


To date, a Blouin V-Flame guitar has been created for Miguel from the band Misery, and few bands in Ottawa play custom Blouin guitars. John has built some promo guitars for Westfest music festival in Ottawa and has a Senators promo guitar built in the shape of their hockey logo.


I would like to build different custom guitars for various companies. I also want to explore building custom guitars for clients to match their custom cars. I am always working on new designs to expand my guitar repertoire.

Custom Guitars

Building custom guitars by hand is very time consuming so we use a CNC router table which cuts the custom bodies and necks from a computerized program of the guitar design with precise accuracy. This allows me to cut 10 guitar bodies all at the same time.


If you would like a custom made Blouin Guitar or have any questions contact John Blouin